The m1 Homes definition of Innovation is Technological Brilliance coupled with our process oriented consultative approach. Our New Initiatives team extends lateral thinking perspectives and comes out with varied & exciting schemes, never before witnessed. When competition is aggressive in Real Estate, the only differentiator is Differentiation itself. Our Women Empowerment initiative could largely be slated as a great vision to change the way Real Estate thinks. Our deep rooted knowledge in cutting edge technologies, network architecture design & development, gives us a better edge in all our initiatives.

Customer Service

Our Customers are our hearts & their ambitions, our soul. Our Customer Service processes are secure and technologically strong. We handle all construction related queries, customer escalations through highly sophisticated Customer Management Systems. This ensures effective & timely resolutions. Having a competent & trained team of professionals further adds to our credibility and trust. Our Top Management at m1 Homes ensures no loop-holes or any systemic errors in this entire Customer Services process flow.

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Customer Speak

We do not claim anything, unless our customers say it. Below are some snippets of the Real Time Experience of our clients.

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